Hotel Management Solutions

Scalable for your needs – HotSoft 8 is a scalable hotel management solution available in four editions. HotSoft caters for different operations within the hospitality industry. Since HotSoft 8 is a modular system it is always possible to upgrade your edition with new modules and functionality at anytime.

Hotel management solutions:

Hotsoft Standard Edition

Hotsoft Standard EditionThe HotSoft 8 Standard Edition is suitable for small hotels, youth hostels and campsites. It handles reservations, customer data, finances, bed booking and campsite booking. The standard edition is for the small scale business that needs an affordable, stable and functional property management system.

Hotsoft Business Edition

Hotsoft Business EditionThe HotSoft 8 Business Edition is suitable for small hotels with conference facilities. It handles reservations, customer data and finances and contains all the features you need to successfully run a conference facility.

Hotsoft Business+ Edition

Hotsoft Business+ EditionThe HotSoft 8 Business+ Edition is suitable for medium and large hotels with or without conference or spa facilities. It handles reservations, customer data and finances and has a number of extra functionality to help you run your business successfully.

Hotsoft Enterprise Edition

Hotsoft Enterprise EditionThe HotSoft 8 Enterprise Edition is suitable for hotel groups and hotel chains. It handles reservations, customer data, finances and allows you to cross sell properties – always to the right price. It has a joint customer database and gives group statistics and reports. This is the complete and fully equipped version of HotSoft 8.