Customer Relationship Management

HotSoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is a strategic customer relationship solution that will fully support your Sales and Marketing department. The system consist of functions, that enables you to handle all activities and contacts with your customers, this is to create and develop customer relationships leading to maximising your profits.


HotSoft CRM module contains the following key functions:

  • To-do lists
  • Customer segmentation
  • Marketing analyses
  • Marketing and activity reports

Structured Marketing Information

HotSoft customer relationship management module enables you to collect all your customer and prospect data. You can register basic information and also a more detailed, including information about the organisation, credit facilities, employees and earnings. With the customer categories for each business sector you can easily follow up and analyse your customer and prospects.

Information to all departments

The reservations department and others can easily access important data. With the alarm function there is a reminder pop up with activities related to that customer. For an effective follow up of proposals the activities can be linked to a specific booking.

Quality Market Information

HotSoft CRM is a flexible solution that enables you to communicate with external marketing databases. With the HotSoft Link software you can simply support and add company information from other external systems.

Integrated Solution

HotSoft CRM module is a totally integrated and a natural part of the HotSoft Hotel Management System. All parts are totally integrated which mean easy and simple access to important company information. Thanks to windows technique and logical commands, it is easy and simple to overview the system.