Online Booking Management

HotSoft online booking system may be integrated into the design of the web site, providing your hotel with a reservation tool that enables your customers to check availability and make real-time reservations direct to your HotSoft Property Management System at your hotel. HotSoft online booking system connects your hotel through one consolidated channel towards a range of booking services: travel agents, internet travel agents, web portals, destination portals, company direct bookings, mobile Internet services and other sources.

HotSoft Online Booking System in short:

  1. Automates the flow of bookings; availability and rates.
  2. Connection with HotSoft PMS system real time information and content to the whole market.
  3. Reduces the distribution and administration costs.
  4. Optimizes sales of hotel rooms, using HotSoft Web Manager.

HotSoft Web Manager Tool

This manager tool gives your hotel complete control over the flow of reservations through different channels. Availability and rates are exported from HotSoft PMS system. The hotel decides which items of information the market will be given. There are sophisticated tools to optimize sales and room revenue as well as functions for special offers and campaigns to selected sources. In addition to this, reservation statistics and information for future marketing strategies are available.

An integrated solution

HotSoft PDS (Property Distribution System) interface and HotSoft online booking system enables your hotel to receive real time internet reservations directly to HotSoft Hotel Management System. The PDS Interface is continuously sending your hotels availability and rates and receiving confirmed reservations with the customer profiles from the online bookings system. With HotSoft online booking system, we connect HotSoft Hotel Management System to a range of reservations services through a consolidated channel.