Unified Communications Suite

The HotSoft Unified Communications Suite interfaces and link programs allow your HotSoft system to communicate with your external systems and software. By automating the integration of your various systems you will increase your service level, while making your daily routines more effective. With HotSoft you are not locked into a rigid procedure. We are open towards most solutions.

HotSoft Interfaces

HotSoft communicates with most leading system suppliers in the industry. HotSoft interfaces exist for the following types of systems:

  1. Telephone systems (PBX)
  2. Electronic payment systems (Credit Card)
  3. Restaurant systems (POS)
  4. Pay-TV systems
  5. Electronic locking systems (Key Card)
  6. Electronic booking systems (CRS)
  7. Climate control systems

HotSoft Links

HotSoft links are used to communicate between your different business systems. HotSoft links exist for the following types of software systems:

  • Accounting / ERP systems
  • Sales and Marketing systems (CRM)
  • Busines Databases
  • OCR systems


Integrating your external systems saves a lot of time. With years of experience integrating critical business systems we have developed an advanced security system which monitors all your interfaces 24 hours / day. The HotSoft system monitor is a program that can be run from any computer on your network, giving you the current status of all interfaces, and sends out warnings if any process fails.

Telephone Systems (PBX)

Interface for integration of telephone systems. Automatic phone call charging to guest bills with choice of printed information. Function room extensions can be charged directly to group/conference folios. Guestroom extensions are opened and closed automatically at check-in/check-out. Housekeepers can change room status via telephones.

Restaurant Systems (POS)

Interface for integration of restaurant systems. HotSoft POS interface contains functions for automatic transfer of restaurant transactions to HotSoft guest/group, and conference folios.

Guest and name verification is done by most systems.

Pay-TV Systems

Interface for integration of pay-TV systems. Contains functions for automatic view charges, welcome messages, mini-bar charging, guest messages, wake-up control, and bill view.

Electronic locking systems

Interface for integration of key card systems for automatic key card coding during check-in.

Electronic booking systems

Interface for integration of property distribution systems and central booking systems. The HotSoft electronic booking interface currently supports the following systems:

  • TravelClick
  • AvailPro
  • Eres

Climate control systems

Interface for integration of climate control systems. The HotSoft climate control interface currently supports the following systems:

Account Link (PDA)

Program Link for integration of accounting systems. Automatic exports of the daily account summary, and invoice journal.

Additional Integrations to our unified communications suite are available on request.