Product Features

The Complete Property Management System
HotSoft 8 is a complete property management system suitable for all kinds of hospitality facilities – from hostels to large scale hotel chains. With its fully integrable modular design we can scale HotSoft 8 to suit your business requirements.


Windows Look and FeelWindows Look & Feel
HotSoft 8’s complete Windows 7 look and feel makes it feel familiar and easy to navigate around. By customising the interface design with your hotel logo and colours it can blend in with your hotel’s profile.

intergrationIntegration with Central Reservation Systems
This allows you to sell rooms both via GDS and via your website. The reservations are registered with full information directly in HotSoft 8 and available rooms are automatically up for sale again.

smartSmart Software
The pro-active incorporated monitoring software monitors if interfaces are running and notifies you if there are any problems.

interfaces-thirdpartyInterfaces for Third Party Integration
HotSoft 8 is open for integration with over 300 third party systems, among them the most common financial systems, credit card systems, key-card systems and restaurant systems.

Floating-windowsFloating Windows Technology
The Floating Windows Technology allows you to have several windows open, active and visible on the screen at the same time. This provides an overview during planning, scheduling tasks and overall multi-tasking.

easy-navEasy Navigation
The navigation can be keyboard driven which means that you can switch between active windows and their functions with simple commands on the keyboard.