PocketTouch tablet displayPocketTouch is the paper-free solution for taking food and drinks orders to the kitchen. Designed specifically for the hospitality and catering industry, this EpoS software for hand-held devices records orders at the touch of a screen and can be extended to facilitate payment at the table.

PocketTouch is not only a professional solution to deliver paper-free order taking, but also boast a range of smart features such as;

  • reminding waiting staff to ask if the customer prefers fries/rice/baked potato or how the steak should be done.
  • programmable and can warn waiting staff if;
    • an item is sold out
    • they can’t order two lasagnes if PocketTouch knows there is only one left, and
    • when items are not on the menu, PocketTouch incorporates the option to add hand-written messages using a touch screen pen or stylus.

PocketTouch further extends it’s features by:

  • Improved customer service – less waiting around resulting in faster table turnaround
  • Easy up-selling
  • Orders are sent straight to the kitchen, virtually eliminating mistakes allowing faster cooking and faster service
  • Information is clear and legible…chef don’t need to figure out bad handwriting
  • Waiting staff stay on the floor and continue to take orders till the food is ready to be served
  • Orders is sent straight to the till. Combining TouchPoint touch screen till software, every order is being tracked and ready for the final bill
  • Bills can be printed out via PocketTouch and paid for either at the touch till (TouchPoint) or at the table.

Android and Apple iOS

TouchPoint is available on both Android 2.2 devices or above and Apple iOS devices.

With the influx of low cost Android tablets, PocketTouch was brought to the Android platform affording much more choice to the end user introducing a cost saving.Additionally, PocketTouch is also available for iDevices in the Apple Appstore and can run on iPads, iPods and iPhones of all shapes and sizes.

Note: PocketTouch is designed as a companion app to our TouchPoint EPoS system, and may need to be configured by your dealer.