Table Service Software for Waiting Staff

Keep mobile, for a better Customer experience.

PocketTouch is a professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. Our revolutionary hand-held software solution has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industries.

You can take an order, pay and print a receipt direct from the table with PocketTouch. Your customers experience shorter waiting times and staff are always on hand to serve.

Serve more efficiently. Everyone’s happy.

Faster Turnaround.

Take orders seamlessly from the table or queue, straight to the heart of the kitchen and bar, providing a quick and efficient service to the customer. Handwritten mistakes are a thing
of the past and Chef can get straight on with preparing the food. 

Order updates made on PocketTouch are automatically updated on the bill, making the whole process more efficient. Service is faster and there’s quicker table turnaround. 

When it comes to paying the bill, servers can take payments right at the table, saving valuable time and freeing the table for your next customers.

Increase revenue.

Digital handheld ordering devices help maintain high customer satisfaction levels and increase revenue.

Staff are able to spend more time with customers, without having to walk back to the till or to the kitchen. They will be there to offer more drinks or desserts, just when they’re needed.

Today’s customer expects full table service that lets them order, make changes and pay using card right at the table.

The entire table service is streamlined, giving the opportunity for faster table turnaround, and more covers. Or extra time for that last coffee. 

For fast and accurate table service, choose PocketTouch.

Table Management on the go.

PocketTouch offers precision control of its floor plan. Easy to navigate, designed for speed. Find a free table at a glance from the waiting area as soon as it becomes available. Seat your  guests sooner, with less waiting time. 

Assign names to tables, so the waiting staff can provide a personal level of customer service. Custom start level, so devices used on the terrace always open at the right place. Highlight a table to see its current status, including table open/closed, total, items, and bill printed.

PocketTouch Table Service Software for Waiting Staff
PocketTouch Table Service Software for Waiting Staff

PocketTouch Benefits

Faster Service.

Faster table turnaround through seamless integration enables more covers per table.

Reduce Mistakes.

Handwritten mistakes are a thing of the past and Chef can get straight on with preparing the food.

Customer Satisfaction.

Keep customers informed at the table, and get the order right first time, everytime. Staff are there when a customer needs them.

Wherever They Go.

Multi-level floorplan enables the customer to sit wherever they like and be found by the waiting staff, even if it's in the beer garden.


When the fixed order points are busy during peak times, staff can use PocketTouch to ease the pressure.

Inform the Kitchen.

PocketTouch can keep the kitchen informed of customer special requests or allergies.

Personalise Your Tables.

Assign names to tables, so the waiting staff can provide a personal level of customer service.

Keep That Tab Running.

If a friend goes home they can pay their bill without closing the tab.

Improve customer satisfaction.

Ensure customers receive the service they expect to keep satisfaction levels high. PocketTouch informs staff straightaway if an item is off the menu, orders can be completed accurately first time avoiding a return trip to the table with disappointing news. Orders are sent straight to the kitchen and cannot be lost on the way, and are always legible with clearly printed tickets or shown on a display screen.

Happy customers spend more, are more likely to visit again and bring their friends.

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