Online Channel Manager

With smart Channel Manager, you can now manage all of your online distribution from a single planner. Administer your distribution websites (, Expedia, etc.), your GDS (Global Distribution System) channel and your booking engines in real time. 

Saving time and boosting sales.

Channel Manager (GDS) connectivity.

Sell your rooms directly through more than 650,000 travel agencies

  • Sell your rooms through all travel agencies
  • Boost your sales in under-exploited market segments
  • Manage all your channels (including GDS)
  • Choose the GDS access that works best for you (direct, representation company)


From the extranet, you can manage your room types, rates (BAR, promo, Corporate 1, Corporate 2, etc.), prices and availability allocations on the GDS channel.

The Smart Channel Manager solution will save you time and reduce the administrative burden of having to manage more than one extranet.

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