Hotel Management Software

HotSoft Hotel Management Software (Front Office) is a leading hotel management software. During the past 15 years HotSoft has been constantly developed and refined through feedback from leading operators in the European and South-African hotel market. The result is a user friendly and integrated hotel management software suitable for the most demanding needs of the Southern Africa hospitality market.

Our HotSoft Hotel Management software is implemented on-site.


HotSoft core application contains routines for:

All main modules of the hotel management software are part of a single core application, providing instant access to relevant information about bookings, guest billing and customers. Thanks to Microsoft Windows technology and logical commands the system is easy to operate, flexible and easy to learn, providing the lowest cost of ownership of any product currently available.

Hotel Management Software

Core Hotel Management Software Modules

Hotel Reservations

Hotel Reservation Software

The HotSoft Hotel Management System contains powerful functions for booking of rooms, beds and groups. With the Hotel Reservation Software graphical room occupancy, availability and unique room track, you have total control over your bookings. Quick check in and check out for individual guests as well as groups, combined with instant search routines provides a hotel reservation system with unrivalled speed and ease of use.


Paying bill

Hotel Guest Billing Software

With our hotel guest billing software, guest, conference and group bills can be automatically split between four receipts and one invoice, with up to three settlement billing addresses. Payment routines can also handle foreign exchange and dual currency billing. Non residential guests can also be charged and invoiced. HotSoft Rate Manager handles debits per day, week, month and per visit. Rates can be implemented based on calendar days or requested rate periods with automatic seasonal adjustments, and single or multiple occupancy supplements. HotSoft also includes basic Yield Management functions with availability and occupancy per day, week, month or requested period.

Marketing database

Hotel Marketing Software

HotSoft hotel marketing software contains a marketing database and automatically updates important information and sales statistics about client companies, organizations, contacts, agents and, of course, guests. With the HotSoft standard reports it is simple to analyse and print TOP-100 spend by company guest or agent, by market segment or booking source, by agent referrals, and commissions schemes as well as early warning of booking loss and contact lists.


HotSoft is developed for the Microsoft Windows operating system with a standard xBase++ database. HotSoft hotel management solution is compatible with all major network operating systems. HotSoft printouts and reports are compatible with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat.


With many years of industry experience, an extensive training programme and a reliable system for hotels, conference centres and resorts, the combination of HotSoft and Rand Data Systems is the ideal combination to provide a successful installation which will show real benefits in a loyal and satisfied client list and timely information to underpin profitable business and operational decision making.

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