Conference management

HotSoft Conference and events module contains all the functions for bookings and administration for conferences and events. This module is an integrated part of HotSoft Hotel Management System and has been developed and designed with a close working relationship with major European and South-African Conference Centres. The result is a user friendly and integrated system, giving conference sales and administration staff quick access to complementary information, such as room and bed availability.

Key functions

HotSoft conference contains key functions for:

  • Reservations for function rooms, group rooms, dining rooms and syndicate rooms
  • Reservations for dining, general arrangements and equipment
  • Graphical function room planning and interactive booking
  • Total Client Invoice Details
  • Reports to all departments
  • Live updates of PAX & Arrangement Changes


Conference planning
Conference planning

Conference manager benefits


HotSoft conference and events module contains a graphical function room overview, provides a unique view of room and bed capacity on the same screen as the function room availability. With a logical split up of all function rooms, and a graphical function room overview screen as a key function, HotSoft provides total control over all availability at the time of booking.

Total order and invoice

With HotSoft Arrangements, you simply arrange all your customer orders including function rooms and meals to special requirements. All you need to add is the room reservations. The customer order debits automatically on to the invoice at night audit, after balancing with the kitchen. With HotSoft invoice routines your customer gets a total bill for the entire stay where rooms, meals, and function rooms are clearly listed either as a package or as a total amount.

Information to all departments.

HotSoft Hotel Management Systems Conference module contains a large selection of standard reports for statistics, occupancy, service lists, meal arrangements and seating. Important information, last minute amendments can be presented using information screens, and remote kitchen monitors.

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